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  • Jane Wheeler

The Man Cold

I am sitting here listening to my husband moan and groan as he battles the "man cold." He assures me that women cannot handle a man cold. Much like the tv commercial I am tempted to ask him if I should call his mother. I am not sure how women continue on when sick, with the kids, the cooking, the chauffeuring and even their job. (I have so far resisted the urge to bring up child birth – probably saving that one for the clincher). But there does seem to be a difference. Perhaps, and again it is only my opinion, women are tougher. My groaning hubby is balking at this as he asks me to make him a cup of tea. (I'm giggling which is probably not kind). Now given certain times and circumstances men are "stronger" but in other circumstances women are "tougher". I for one do not relish changing a spare tire. I could if I needed to but I probably would take forever jumping up and down on the tire wrench to get those lug nuts undone, or have to give up and phone AMA. I am glad to have men around to move certain items around the house that I can barely budge. Men are physically stronger. I love to bounce plans for building or certain situations off of a man. Men are so logical and see things from an easier and interesting perspective that can make so much more sense. It's often a relief. Do you think it is coincidence that each of the sexes is " tough" but in a different way? Or was it designed by a planner who knew if we would just work together, value each other's strengths, and work amicably things could get done in a really efficient way?

I think that most of the time we roll our eyes because he/she does not see things our way and we argue over our differences instead of value them. We even see these differences laughed at on tv sitcoms. I have worked side by side with my hubby doing renovations and our wood shop, admittedly we can argue over how to do a project or buckle down and get the job done, it truly depends on the day. I think today I needed to remember that he can be "tough" and strong when it counts. Right now I have to take him his cup of tea.

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