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Amazing People

I have been so blessed to meet some amazing people in this fine town of Grande Prairie. I would be hard pressed to say there is a town like it anywhere else. In my not for profit days - looking for community support for any of my endeavors I found the generosity of so many people here was over whelming. Grande Prairie out raised our Edmonton and Calgary offices many times over. Grande Prairie is a town that cares and that is a trait we should be so very proud of.

Today being the 1st Wednesday of the month it is my Charity feature.

Today I would like to highlight the amazing folks at A & W. Right across Canada A & W will be raising money for the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society in the month of August. August 25 across the nation is buy a Teen Burger day in support of the MS Society of Canada. Canada has one of the highest incidents of Multiple Sclerosis in the world.

Grande Prairie's A & W's have banned together and given the rest of Canada a challenge. Grande Prairie's A & W's have raised the most money for MS in Canada for the past few years. That is an amazing achievement as well as a HUGE - "well done" to them for their hard work.

They start out early in the summer with their garage sales with the proceed money going to MS. They take $2 donations at the til's and also do "round it up for MS" with the proceeds going to support this worthy cause. (Round it up = your purchase is $2.65 you could round it up to $3 or $4 for a donation). They sell Show and Shine - 'Supporting the Cause' T-shirts right through the summer - til they sell out.

They have a huge day on August 25 planned - at the Northend A & W there will be an information tent with MS information and staff all day. They will be serving cake and selling what is left for T-Shirts. It will be Teen Burger Day and ending with a huge Show and Shine a widely attended event with games for the kids all happening in early evening.

Elaine and her hard working staff are some of the kindest people - they give themselves to this cause and often come in to work on a volunteer basis - just because. Let's help them win the award again of raising the most money in Canada for MS on August 25 - go buy a Teen Burger!

(Even if you are not in Grande Prairie - Go Buy a Teen Burger on August 25 and help out the MS Society)

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