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  • Jane Wheeler

Gods' Country

Okay so it snowed again….

We have not had a lot of snow and we were experiencing our “spring fever” thinking that winter was “over” and then it snowed. The temperature dipped to minus 17 overnight and thoughts of spring got put on hold. Those people who put their green grass and flowering tree pictures all over facebook will think we are hard done by.

I sighed and pulled out my winter coat, boots, hat and gloves all over again to go for my walk. Bundled up, my two golden retrievers and myself set out on our walk.

Just a short ways into the walk – still in town, I hear these two kids yelling – “a Fox, a Fox!”

I looked up and there was a beautiful red and grey fox crossing about twenty feet in front of me. Oh he was lovely! He ran across the path and then just sat down and watched me and the dogs. We stopped and the dogs and the fox had a 15 second stare down – I think he just wanted to play. Then he ran further on so we resumed our walk.

Walking into the prairie sunset, with the blue sky and the pink edges was delightful, the ground was fresh with white snow – it was truly beautiful.

Then I spotted them, two moose coming across the field – mom and her baby, although the baby was almost as large as mom. They crossed the road and continued on into the next field and they kept coming closer. We stopped and watched the moose and I marveled how on earth those bodies could be kept up-right on those spindly looking legs moose have. We stood there and watched the moose for at least five minutes and then continued to walk into the sunset some more.

I was thinking about how blessed we are to live in a place where these kind of encounters are not “unusual”. I mean I do not get them every day by any means but I see moose and deer often at different times of the year.

So I pondered about this place where I live – snow and cold – yes but also sun, blue sky, gorgeous sunsets, open fields, foxes and moose.

Where exactly do I live?

Oh ya – Gods’ Country!

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