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Shout Out for Volunteers

First Wednesday of the Month - Charity Feature

Missions Thrift Store Coming to Grande Prairie

Venue = Negotiations Are Underway

Size = 10,000 + sq feet

Grande Prairie, Alberta

At a time when economic uncertainty is looming close by – relief is coming in the form of a Missions Thrift Store. Grande Prairie has been selected as the new upcoming site for a 50th Missions Thrift Store in Canada. A true thrift store where you can clothe your family on budget friendly prices. Missions Thrift Store is funded by Bible League Canada.

A panel of board members has begun the work - if you would like more info about being a board member - connect with Norma MacLean (contact info below). Negotiations on a venue are currently underway and a location and opening date will be forthcoming in February-March 2016.

The Missions Thrift Store will be staffed by volunteers – and a selection process is underway. They are looking for a base of 25-35 volunteers to help run the store – if you would like to volunteer please contact Norma MacLean at 780-380-4462 or email her at: Volunteers are slated in 4 hour shifts but of course if you have more time they could certainly use you for more hours - once a week, twice a week or even once or twice a month. All help will be gratefully appreciated.

Bible League Canada, founded in 1948, is a charitable organization whose mission is to place Bibles into the hands of men, women and young people. Their goal is to provide Scriptures and training worldwide – All People, Everywhere. They are working in 40 different countries on 5 continents.

What sets them apart? They have a track record for transforming communities around the world. When you support a Bible League Thrift Store – you support change across the world. There is probably one near you!

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