The Only Answers You Will Ever Need -For All of 2016 (+ longer) (Part 2 of 2)

December 30, 2015

See last week for Part 1 of this blog:

God: Are you wiser than me?    Do you know that I love you? You don’t approve of my methods.

Me: No. But I know you love me.

God: Do you know I love your children?

Me: Yes.

God: Your husband?  

Me: O God that is a hard one.

God: I sent him, He is a good man,  he loves you. 

Me: Ya but…..

God:  Do you know I love you?

Me: silence

God: Are you wiser than me?

Me: No

God: Do you trust me?

Me: Yes

God: Your house (for sale 6 months and nothing even though we were sure God said “sell”)

Me: My faith is wavering on this one God.

God:   You don’t like my methods.

Me: No

God: Are you wiser than me?

Me: No

God: Do you trust me? Do you not like my methods because it is not going your way? You are not in control? Will you stop organizing the universe and let me have control?

Me: ouch.  But why when you say it God, it hurts but does not “shatter” – it is simply truth.

God:  Your last job.  You don’t like my methods.

Me: No I don’t.

God: Do you trust me? Do you know I love you? Are you wiser than me?


God addressed every issue I had with the same three answers and I came to realize that no matter how many questions I had over whatever issue was bothering me – He had the answers and the answers would not change.

Do you trust me? Are you wiser than me?  Do you know I love you?

And you know those 3 answers are all I needed about everything. I had run out of questions because God had supplied  all the answers.

As I shared my story to a couple people – I realize my answers were not just for me – they are for all of us no matter what we are facing. In this crazy and often confused world, people are looking and longing for answers that make sense.

So in light of the start of 2016 and in light of whatever circumstances you are facing or that are staring down at you down please ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you trust God?

  2. Are you wiser than God?

  3. Do you know God loves you?

My friend these are the only answers you will ever need – may they set themselves deep down into your heart, that you will remember them come what may –through the scary times, the broken times, the hard times and the good times – remember that the God of this world is near to you now and forever.




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