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Was I in the right family?

I wondered, was I in the right family?

Did you ever think that as a child? You might have been having a rough day, or your parents punished you for something, and you sat and pouted wondering if you were in the right family? There had to be something better out there.

Or perhaps, like me you knew you were 'special' and had royalty flowing through your veins and one day your ‘real’ family would come find you and whisk you off to the castle. I was adopted and so it was easy for me to imagine “other family”. I was also a brat and lorded it over my brother and sister that I was hand picked, while mom and dad “had” to take them.

Perhaps as a child life was hard, there was constant fighting, abuse and no one really did seem to care a whole lot about you, and you wished more than anything to be taken out of there. Perhaps life has not changed a whole heck of lot from your childhood and you yet long for a place of safety and belonging, you long for your castle.

Often the grass is greener over there in that other family or the imaginary family that we build in our minds. Movies and tv shows portray the happily ever after and you were not or maybe still not be experiencing “happily”.

This feeling of wanting to belong to a family, to belong to something greater than yourself was built into us by our Creator. He did it so we would not settle for less that what He has for each one of us: a place to belong in His family. The family of God.

The family of God, now I am not talking here about the brothers and sisters you will come to inherit in the church, because I can assure you that just like your family of origin you will still have some interesting ones. There will be some that you will look at and wonder how they got into your family, but it will not matter, and we should not be judging.

Once you know who your Daddy is, your heavenly father and you grasp how much, how very much Jesus loves you and you get filled inside with the precious Holy Spirit to ensure you will never forget, you will understand why people would rather die than renounce their faith.

You will know that you know, that you belong. You will inherit a peace that you have never felt, a joy that you have never experienced and a love that no human being can give you. It is not something you ever want to give up and you want everyone to experience it.

A place filled with unconditional love, personal acceptance for who you are, encouragement for being you and your journey. A Father who you resemble, a Son who died just for you and a Holy Spirit that longs to partner with you through life. In short, it sounds rather heavenly.

If that was not enough, you learn that it is this family, this spiritual family is the one that defines you, not what you do, where you came from or even what color you are. Over you are spoken words like: chosen, beloved, precious, son, daughter, royalty – yes royalty.

“But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name,” John 1:12

Those dreams you had as a child where you were so special, and you knew you were a prince or princess and royal blood flowed through your veins – it was true. Your heavenly daddy is the King of Kings and you are His chosen and beloved, His child. God chooses you; He wants you, He hand picked you to enter into His family as adopted sons and daughters.

He is waiting for you today to say “yes”, won’t you let Him?

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Sep 10, 2020


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