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Poop in a Group

I could not resist the topic of this blog, it is such fun, but so profound.

Brian and I were talking about we would first build on a piece of land if we ever had the chance. I mean what would be the first thing you would build?

We had all kinds of ideas: barn, cabin, house, chapel, water dugout and the list went on….and of course we could not agree.

When we are free to dream, you can build anything you would like, right? Wrong.

The answer came fast and was so clear. An Outhouse.

Then came the statement: ‘you have to figure out your poop before you can move forward.’

It was so simple but so profound.

On any property if you do not have a proper containment area, folks will leave their deposits anywhere.

No matter the issue in life you have to get your poop figured out before you can move forward.

Relationships: you will bring the toxic and smelly past hurts, rejections, and wounds with you if you do not deal with all that poop that is weighing you down from your past. Going forward in healthy ways means dealing with the past, possibly with some counselling, and definitely with a lot of forgiveness.

Work: if you do not forgive your past employers, co-workers and those who you felt did you wrong then you will bring that attitude you learned at your last job with you to the present one. Only the surroundings will change, you will be the same you, with the same unchanged habits. The people you work for now, are not the same people as in your past, but you may be dealing with them based on your previous employment. Deal with the poop in you - your attitude, before it comes back to bite you in the butt.

Family: your family of origin was not healthy, I do not care if you think you had rock stars for parents, there were issues. The reason I can say this is because they were people and people mess up. More poop in your group. Those same issues that originated in your family; how to cope with stress, how to forgive, how to use money, how to have an argument, will come with you into your marriage and relationships because it was what you learned as a child. A relationship consists of two or more people who each learned a unique way of handling life based on what they were taught at home. You have to go through the steps to free yourself from the past in order to proceed healthily into the future to be able to teach yourself and our children new ways of living.

Will you ever have it all figured out? No, probably not this side of heaven, but it is worth doing correctly if it is worth doing.

Moral of the outhouse: Put your poop in a group before you can move forward! For everyone’s sake.

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תגובה אחת

03 בספט׳ 2020

Haha love this you are so creative and so right ❤️

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