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Musings from the garden & other life adventures

The mosquitoes put out the word that there was fresh blood, me, and they came to visit. I found myself talking to a worm telling it to hurry to its new hiding place after I disturbed it! And my butt cheeks are grumbling from the style of bending I had done.

The garden can be a hot bed of activity it seems. I am not sure if talking to a worm raises the concern of others, I know I was questioning it but since I found no answers forthcoming from the worm, I let it pass.

Confession: the first paragraph of this blog was not written by me. It was a dear friend of mine who sent me the text as the start to her one of her days last week. She gave me permission to use it as I knew there was a blog in there somewhere.

I love that my friend was talking with a worm. I know, I know, but nothing to worry about, I talk to her often and she is absolutely fine!

But it got me to thinking, especially after I just had a birthday with a rather significant number and the term “aging” keeps cropping up more and more around me. Truly this life process, can be a bit unnerving.

For instance, I just had a shower for the second time today because I forgot to put on my deodorant this morning and wow, that was not a great thing to forget, for me or anyone else near me. I never forget that step – at least not normally…

Then in the shower I tried out one of my lovely birthday presents, a trio pack of body wash, body mist and lotion. As I was lathering up with the body wash, I thought to myself, hmmmm this is not lathering very well. I grabbed the bottle to re-read the label, but you know I could not see it because I do not wear my reading glasses in the shower. As I studied the bottle afterwards, turns out I had just slathered myself in fragranced Hand Sanitizer – Covid has nothing on me!!!!

While I might laugh at my friend for talking to a worm, she is now chuckling over me with the hand sanitizer situation. We are really not that different you and I, are we? We do these kinds of things and then wonder over our own mental cognizance.

Being able to laugh over ourselves is such a gift to ourselves and honestly for our friends as well. It tends to be the gift that keeps on giving as they recall our “special moments” over and over in their minds. There are other those friends that just have to look at you and start laughing as they recall your special moments. Or the other ones that say, as they can barely choke out their words through their laughter, “Oh you have to tell them about what you did with that new body wash you got…hahaha!"

Alas, I do tend to give people great material for conversations and memories, that truly is one of my giftings.

My belief is that God has given all people the ability to do any of the above and so many more interesting moments besides. Our “special moments” are what keep us humble. There is no one who does not do something “silly” at some point in their lives, some of us do it more often than others.

The lesson to learn is that I am not perfect, you are not perfect (sorry if this is a news flash) and being able to laugh over ourselves, not get angry or frustrated with ourselves is one key to keep on keeping on in this life. It is how we can all relate as human beings, because we really are not that much different.

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1 Comment

Jul 22, 2020

Oh my goodness loved this

I will Never look at worms the same lol great blog ❤️

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