• Jane Wheeler

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Please watch the video before proceeding.

I was privileged last week to have a front row view of the above video. Now what you need to know is that this is NOT the first attempt, nor is it attempt number two, rather it was attempt number three and then bam, dead in the water, there it hung half on and half off.

On the first two occasions the van got high centered onto the end of the trailer and was stuck. Oh, they tried to spin the wheels, causing smoke, but they were not going anywhere anytime fast. Finally, they got the van back down the ramp.

I was hoping we got a picture of the guys on standing on the bumper at the front of the van, trying to get the tires to connect with the trailer when the tires were spinning up in the air.

The second time the tires did connect with the trailer causing the wheels to chirp and blow out black smoke as they burned black trying to pull the van up onto the deck or to get it to back down.

At one point the head light fell out right onto the trailer, just plopped out.

We could visibly watch the van frame getting bent from being high centered, twice.

This van, thank goodness was being taken away to an auto wrecker for disposal, it was not in good mechanical shape to begin with and they had not brought the right kind of equipment to load it. The result from the spectator side looks rather comical but standing there watching them destroy this vehicle, it was difficult to watch.

I wonder how many times our attempt to do life our way looks similar to God?

We set off on our own, thinking we know exactly how to go about it and we take off at a run, eyes on the ramp and up we go until, bang, we are high centered and stuck. There we sit, spinning our wheels.

What do we do? Well if you are like me, the first order of business is a burst of anger and frustration that things are not going easily!

Then we retreat, heading back down to take another run at it, because surely, we know what we are doing.

The second attempt might get us a couple feet further but we still get stuck and high centered. There we sit spinning our wheels in a vain effort to move at all. For me this results in more heated anger and frustration, vowing usually that I will make this work!

All the while the people around us and God are watching getting the joy of our little side show, kind of like the one in the video and we are oblivious to the delight or concern we are causing others. I mean perhaps the neighbors or people around us are even taking bets on how many tries it will take or what will fall off or apart next.

We do not care – we are going to do it! This is crazy making at it’s finest: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This whole spectacle was a teaching moment for me in that I try and I try to do life my own way and I end up frustrated and stuck wondering why it was not going my way. I might even have the audacity to blame God for the mess I am creating.

There is an answer, I did not have the right equipment!

Just like these guys, they ended up having to call a proper tow truck operator, whom they called the professional and with an actual tow truck he was able to lift the van up and onto the trailer.

It looked so easy when he did it with the right equipment!

What about us? Do we set out with the right equipment each day?

Have we taken the time to start our day with God, including Him in our plans? Or do we just head out.

Have we taken the time to pray and ask for directions? Or do we assume we know what we are doing.

Personally, I find the days go much smoother when I start with the right equipment; on other days, I often sit and spin my wheels or worse, fall off the ramp and wonder what happened.

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