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Chinese Police in Canada

You know when you discover a bit of news that you think, that cannot be real and you keep looking because you are sure it is going to be proven false?

I have looked and looked and all I can find is more and more news reports from all over the world confirming the same thing. Hindustan Times, Ireland news, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, Mint, Toronto Sun, New York Post, National Post, True North, Yahoo news, The Post Millennial, Africanews, Wionnews, Washington Times, I think that is enough to convince you that this is not an isolated story.

This week – I managed to find a couple of interesting reports finally negating the reports from last week. 'Outrageous, cannot possibly be happening'…..well it was on enough news sites to warrant a much closer look.

The story goes like this:

The Chinese government has set up dozens of police stations in countries around the world, calling them “service stations”. The Chinese government offers this explanation, “to help their people with paper work.” Funny, we all thought that is what an embassy is for.

These are out and out right Chinese police stations, doing Chinese police business on other countries soil. In Canada, right under the explicit and welcoming eye of Justin Trudeau, we have 3 of these police stations. 2 in Scarborough and 1 in Markham Ontario.

What are they doing? It seems they are monitoring its citizens, who now live in Canada and other countries and should these citizens violate any Chinese law or combat “fraud” – they send them or rather escort them home for due process.

So yes, you read it right, the Chinese Police Force is carrying out policing duties on other countries foreign soil.

Europe has most of the police stations. North America has 4, with 3 being the ones mentioned earlier and the other in New York. Apparently, there are 54 such stations located in 30 different countries.

Does that not just make you sit back and go … what??? Who do the Chinese think they are? Well from what I just wrote it looks like they are the new world super power. They have police forces in 30 different countries and no one is out to stop them. Countries like Ireland, London, Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, Athens, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, South Africa, Brazil, Ecuador…….

It has been reported that to date over 230,000 Chinese nationals have been “persuaded” to return home by these police stations.

I happened to catch a news report of a Chinese woman who lives near Markham Ontario and is now feeling less than safe living in Canada. It was her story that made me start to dig because she was begging our government to limit what Chinese Police stations can do in Canada. I had not heard of Chinese Police stations before, so I looked.

There are no constraints in place in Canada or basically other places in the world, China seems to do what China wants. There is talk of pushing Trudeau to protect the thousands of Hong Kong folks who fled to Canada when China took over Hong Kong. Thus far he has done nothing to make sure the Chinese stay within the Canadian law or offer protection to Chinese citizens who fled to Canada to be “safe”.

It is up to us, the people to urge our politicians to respond to this blatant act of over- reach by the Chinese government, or you can sit back and watch the red army assert it’s power right here in the good old, land of the Free……

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