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  • Jane Wheeler

A Night at the Concert

Why do I think God is always going to ask me to give something up?

I know I felt that way when the property deal fell through last month.

If our children ask us as their parents for something, do we think of ways to harm them, take goodness out of their life and make their life miserable? Neither does God, He in fact has many blessings for us.

Brian and I, this week are in the deep south USA. We knew we were flying into Atlanta, Georgia, renting a car and seeing where God will take us.

I have been forgetting, again, that God is the God of the extravagant, not the God of the tightwad.

I had heard a song by the group, We The Kingdom and loved it. While we were in the south I had wanted to take Brian somewhere special to see a concert of some kind. The Grand Ole Opry did not have anyone on that we knew. I looked up We The Kingdom and they in fact had a concert in Alabama while we are in the south. It was sold out.

I was disappointed but clicked on “buy tickets” anyways. On the screen appeared single seats. We chatted it over and we were fine to have close, single seats and decided to buy the tickets. When I clicked on the purchase ticket button, Chris Tomlin came up. I attempted to buy tickets for We The Kingdom three times and the stupid computer kept trying to sell me Chris Tomlin tickets.

I was getting exasperated because I knew we did not want to spend the kind of money on tickets for such a huge name as Chris Tomlin.

It was then that I realized the computer was not the stupid one: We the Kingdom was opening for Chris Tomlin.

I sighed because I knew how expensive the tickets would be unless we took the very back row or corner of the theatre, the nosebleed section. We looked at the floor seating and noticed there was 1 ticket in row 4 from the stage. All the tickets in that area were over $100 each. I pressed on the single seat and up popped a sign that said “Single Seat sale $17.00”. Behind row 4 in row 6 just a couple seats over was another single seat, I pressed “click” again, again $17.00.

By now I was astounded and kept going back over the seats to ensure I was reading it correctly.

Friends, tonight, Brian and I are in the state of Alabama sitting at the concert of We the Kingdom, and Chris Tomlin, right in front of the stage in seats of a sold out performance for the grand price of $34.00 US.

I marvel at my God of the extravagant, chastised myself for doubting that He has blessings for us and I am going to thoroughly enjoy my night at the concert!

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