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Off to Israel

Today, I am on a plane heading to Israel. Am I excited? More than you could probably know. Was it ever something I wanted to do? Nope – my bucket list pointed to Scotland.

But here I am wanting it more than anything and excited beyond measure because I believe God has called me to go on another adventure with Him and this time to Israel.

My son sent me a text last week that said – “Mom I don’t want to worry you, but 2 missiles were fired on Tel Aviv this morning.”

I told him that they have been fighting for centuries, thousands of years and it will be okay. My group that I am meeting up with sent an email with the following: “Don’t worry about the rockets – they happen everyday! They don’t affect our daily life at all, no worries there!”

Funny how I am flying into a war zone and more excited to go in than coming out.

The writer in me is so excited at the thought of meeting people from all over the world, hearing their stories and hopefully bringing them back for you to share with me.

To prepare, I alluded to this last week, I have had to complete a huge online course on the history of Israel, the Jewish people, the Islamic nation, end times prophecies, Elijah and Mount Carmel and so much more. It has been fascinating.

I have been told that I need to be able to climb a mountain, sleep one night in a tent in the desert, and swim in the dead sea. I told them – yup I could do that and then I joined the gym to get ready for the mountain part.

Today I have to go into the bank and pick up my "shingles", when I asked the teller to buy some Israeli money "shekels" he replied, "Okay let's order some shingles for you."

So my friends I want to leave this thought with you from one of my online teaching classes.

What if we spent 1 year not cursing the place where we live? (Sean Feucht)


Sean was living in Dallas, Texas at the time and he found himself very much stuck in a traffic jam for hours. He started saying things like: “stupid cars, stupid drivers, can’t stand this place. ”

He heard God say to him, "last night when you where leading worship, you asked for revival for these people and now not even 24 hours later you are cursing the people and place you live."

What does God hear us say? Praising or curses.

Now you may think, that you don’t say things like that, but let me ask you a couple of pointed questions: What do you think of our government?

What do you say when someone steals your parking spot right out from under you?

How about your church pew?

So give this challenge some serious thought – can you actually go for 1 year not cursing the people around you and the place you live?

Do we want revival or not? It seems it might depend a bit on us…..

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