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She was there...

This is the first Wednesday of the Month so it is my Charity Feature - however I am changing it up a bit today.

I want to pay tribute to someone instead of an organization but first a bit of a rebuttal on the "Crushed but not Broken" Blog from last week - I think my son put is best when he told me that getting the Seniors Discount was like being "paid for my wisdom" - I like that and thought it worth sharing in case others of you also are at a stage of life to get "paid for your wisdom". I mean for me, it was only $4 worth of wisdom but next time it could be more!

We had our Inscribe Christian Writers Conference Sept 23-25. Some amazing teaching but the highlight for me was that Janette Oke and her husband Dr. Ed Oke were in attendance to give out an award.

Janette was born and raised in Alberta, she is best known as the Pioneer of Inspirational Christian Fiction. Her first book Love Comes Softly is an international best seller. She is the author of over 75 books and has been the receiver of numerous awards for her writing. Her books have sold over 22 million copies. Janette receives fan mail from all over the world and she answers each letter personally. She is an example of what writers long to be and a master at

her craft.

Janette graduated from Mountain View Bible College in Didsbury, Alberta, where she met her future husband, Edward Oke, who later became the president of that college.

Janette writes about what she knows best - real life, honest love and lasting values.

A testimony from one of the ladies at the conference who knows Janette personally. Years ago Janette invited a few young moms over for tea and mentored them and began a friendship that lasted through the years. Janettes'

life has been one of faithfulness.

I found Janette to be a humble and strong woman of God an inspiration to all and a firm believer that all Christians should hold onto what they believe in and write what they know about best. Good words from an best selling author!

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