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Road Trip ... - the adventurous life

I admit it, I am a bit of an adventurer. If anyone says to me "would you like to come with me to ..." almost always my answer is "YES" if I can swing it.

I was pondering today about one of my road trips with my trusted adventurous sidekick Debbie, we have cruised, Europed, and road tripped together many times and each time we can guarantee there will be a lot of laughter and some adventure!

One of our adventures was to Southern Alberta to the Waterton Park area. Wow it is gorgeous down there, but half the fun was getting there. We drove through and explored the town of Vulcan. While not a big town, Vulcan was fun because they have played up the Star Trek theme.

While in Vulcan we spotted aliens, space ships and other things not usually seen locally.

We stopped in a very little town with one restaurant and were delightfully entertained by the locals having one of their musical jam sessions - an unexpected surprise.

The road continued on and we ended up in Lethbridge - the windy city, it has 116 days with wind speed of 40 km/h (24.9 mph) or higher, ranking it as the second city in Canada for such weather.

Then on to Waterton Lakes National Park. Reminiscent of Jasper or Banff this little tourist town sits on one side in Canada and on the other in Montana. The Rocky mountains, lakes and glorious scenery await the travelers who venture there.

On our way out we decided to take the road to the left marked "Red Cliff Canyon" and were totally delighted with the colors of this canyon. We hiked up the trails lining the canyon exploring the gorgeous colors. The word "spectacular" comes to mind.

The world offers something new around every corner and I for one, am one of those who likes to take a peek around the corners.

Then we headed north for home, while I love to adventure, I also love to come home. So I am not sure if that makes me an adventurous homebody.

Happy Travels everyone!

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